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Midnight Beach Walk

A few weeks ago, we heard the surf was supposed to be 15+ foot waves, so we harnessed up the boys, put sweaters on the three blue doxies so they wouldn’t get too cold and headed to Redondo Beach about Midnight.  To our dissapointment the waves were only about 5-6 feet.  But it wasn’t a total loss, the boys really enjoyed the ocean breeze and the midnight stroll, and we all got a little exercise.



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The Great Deer Hunter

My husband, Michael, is deer hunting in Wyoming with his friend, Dennis.  He called tonight to tell me he shot a 2×2 or 4 point buck.  The taxidermist told him it was the largest 2×2 he’s ever seen. 

 At 220 pounds… That sure is a heck of a lot of steak, burger, sausage and jerkey.

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