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Sit Up and Beg!

Sit-up & BegI guess “Sit up and Beg” is a natural instinct for a dapple dachshund. I say this because I actually saw another dapple sit up and beg at the doxie picnic last May when her owner had food in her hand.  It may not always be for food either.  Sometimes, you might just have a toy in your hand that he wants.   I might add, that my other two blues dachshunds have never done this without first giving them a command or showing them a treat.

It’s really pretty funny!  We never taught this trick to Keno.  Hense, the instinct. Apparently, he must have an super sonic sniffer, because if he senses that you have even a morsel of food, he strikes a pose like a statue and sits there waiting for a hand out.  He is very persistant and can sit there for several minutes.  My husband calls him our little, meerkat!

So, as long as you have food or some toy that he wants, Keno will be your best buddy!


July 19, 2007 - Posted by | Living with Dachshunds

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  1. My dachshund does that too! I call it her T-Rex…I will be going around the house saying, “let me see my little T-Rex,” or “Show the company your T-Rexer.” LOL!!! I always see it and think of the line on Meet the Robinsons, “I have a big head, and little arms.” he he

    Comment by Fallen | February 4, 2008 | Reply

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